Politique de Qualité



BRISEIS, devoted to the manufacture of cosmetic and personal hygiene products, considers it its duty to manufacture products with the highest quality, always ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and other regulations applicable in each and every one of the activities carried out in the Organisation.

Our purpose is to achieve complete satisfaction of our clients and all interested parties, fulfilling their expectations and causing the least possible environmental impact, ensuring the safety and integrity of all our employees at all times.

Similarly, we intend to develop a socially responsible behaviour in all the activities of the company, which ensures respect for the environment and society as a whole.

In order to achieve this, we have established the following commitments and strategies:


We are committed to fulfilling the client’s and interested parties’ requirements, as well as legal and regulatory requirements, and any other that the organisation adheres to, regarding environmental, occupational safety or other aspects that are applicable to the activity.

We are committed to continuously improve, focusing on risk management, the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System: GMP and Environmental Management, implementing continuous improvement cycle tools. 

  • We are committed to developing the engagement and awareness of the company’s personnel in terms of protection and respect for the environment.
  • We are committed to preventing pollution as well as reducing resource consumption and waste generation. Our objectives and goals programme is the defined reference framework.
  • We are committed to take ownership of the offered services quality, understood as complete client satisfaction, as a guarantee of continuity, growth and future development.
  • We are committed to developing exemplary ethical behaviours in the development of our activity, in order to properly manage the impact it may have on our clients, employees, local communities, the environment and society as a whole.
  • We are also committed to denounce and fight against fraud, bribery and any other form of corruption because these actions are clearly opposed to the values of a free and fair society that BRISEIS advocates.


  • We will seek the integration and active participation of all personnel in the commitment to quality, the environment and safety through continuous training, providing the appropriate means and equipment.
  • We will promote the participation and awareness of our personnel and suppliers in terms of protection and respect for the environment, in the application of the principles established by GMP and good safety practices.
  • We will act responsibly and ethically in all our activities and ensure that our employees, clients and suppliers behave in the same way towards their stakeholders.
  • We will reduce the environmental impacts of our operations and develop environmentally friendly initiatives.
  • We will contribute to the creation of a more sustainable society, providing innovative solutions that help improve people’s quality of life, facilitating their social and employment integration, as well as reducing CO2 emissions.
  • The necessary documentation and actions will be created to ensure the safety, legality and quality of our products in order to provide a responsible service to our clients and the consumer.

This policy must be understood and embraced by the entire personnel of the organisation as well as by its collaborators, and it will also be available to anyone who requests it.

Management commits to ensuring its enforcement and to reviewing its content when appropriate, adapting it to the nature of its activities and the requirements agreed with our clients.